Air Purifiers

O3 Pureair air purifier

O3 PureAir Air Purifier

The O3 PureAir has 7 levels of filtration which are designed to take aim at airborne allergens in your home or office, making your air cleaner and fresher. [Learn more]


fresh air combo special

Fresh Air Combo Special

Includes three great products at one low price! Package includes our newest O3 PureAir air purifier, the O3 Fridge Deodorizer and Food Saver and the versatile Breeze-50 Plug In Air Purifier that can go anywhere - even tight spaces. [Learn more]


safehearth space heater

SafeHearth Space Heater

The SafeHearth heater uses ActivePure technology originally developed for space travel.The SafeHearth heater delivers warm, radiant heat throughout any room, while its ActivePure Technology works to remove odors and "scrub" the environment. [Learn more]


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blueair ozone free air purifiers 

Blueair Ozone-Free Air Purifiers

Small in size but big on delivering quiet and efficient air cleaning using powerful HEPASilent® technology, which combinines the latest in mechanical and electrostatic filtration. View all blueair models.

edenpure g7 whole house deluxe air purifier 

EdenPure G7 Whole House Deluxe Air Purifier

This model has now been replaced by the O3 PureAir seen above. [Learn more]

O3 breeze 50 plug in air purifier 

O3 Breeze-50 Plug-In Adjustable Ozone Air Purifier

The best mini plug in air purifier on the market today. Just plug it in and it starts cleaning the air in your home from airborne impurities such as particles of dust, smoke, molds, pollen and allergens. [Learn more]


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